Friday, July 30, 2010


Well the truck pulled up at 8:00 am on Thursday morning and pulled away at 12:30 pm having spewed forth it's contents into every room, basement, garage and nook and corner of our house. The last day and a half has seen Hubby and I emptying boxes and putting things away. It's certainly an easier task when everything already has a home and just needs to land there as opposed to finding a place like with a new house. It was wonderful pulling in the driveway Wed night as the first three people we see were people we know well - two neighbors and another person who lives in the neighborhood who was walking home from work. I wouldn't say we are totally unpacked yet, not even close but we have a good dent in the work now. Right now Hubby is putting up a shelf in the linen closet which makes it into his own personal walk-in closet. Lucky him, though I will say he's been battling lack of closet space for years, though it hasn't been much of an issue because his work wardrobe was jeans and polo shirts. The new job will require a little more proffesional attire, and trying to jam dress shirts into his tiny little closet wouldn't have worked.

The kids are adapting well. Igor had a couple of nightmares last night which we expected, new room, no brother etc. We hit the floor running at his calls though and he settled back to bed easily enough, some of it was likely overtired as well since we've been on a hectic schedule with the move. Sonny Boy hasn't flinched and has been a video bum because we've let him. MUCH easier to get things done if he's occupied and only one child (Igor) is following you around asking questions at 100 mph.

Probably the worst problem we have encountered is a smelly dryer. Our dryer was simply in storage in the moldy basement and we moved it back and it stinks up the laundry room. I soaked some towels in some strong bleach water and threw them in pretty wet to tumble. I don't know if worked or just burned the bleach smell into my nose. I hope it's not a permanent condition.

Well I must really get back to work before Hubby rebels, honestly I just want to take my shoes off and land on the couch and veg in front of the T.V. but I've got to keep the momentum going or I'll stop completly.

It's good to be home.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A post of pure boredom

Well the movers came today and boxed EVERYTHING except the TV and computer that would fit in a box. I think they would have put the kids in a box if they'd gotten in the way. Happily the boys were very well behaved while they worked. I did let them have unlimited access to TV and the DS so they were entertained with brain candy. However it's now 6:00 pm and that's pretty much all any of us have done today and we are bored. Tomorrow the movers will load everything on the truck and pull out, I imagine I'll have the afternoon to clean and make sure we don't leave the rent house in a huge mess. I am not going to kill myself over it though, it was quite dirty when we moved in and pretty much if I leave it as is it will be cleaner.

Right now we are waiting on hubby to get home and unload his giant toolbox that he normally keeps at work so the movers can take it with our stuff tomorrow. Once Hubby gets home we will go out and get some supper. We are in for a few days of eating out or scratching up food that does not require heating up. Fun. Tomorrow night we will stay at a hotel and drive north on Wed.

So far so good with the move. I tell ya if ya gotta move and there is anyway to afford movers to pack and haul for you do it. I don't care if you gotta sell a child or something, it's worth it. Three guys got here at 9:30 and packed the entire house and garage by 2:30. Granted we don't have a hutch full of china and lots of little nick-nacks but they did in one day what it would have taken me at least a week to do. Unreal. Now we'll see how well everything makes it there and I suspect things aren't packed together like I would have done it, but hey I really don't care right now.

Well that's the update. Exciting huh?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just Can't Wait...

To get back Home. Isn't that a line in a song? I'll be moving very soon so the lapse between posts might be longer than normal. I won't be seeing this beautiful farm near the WI house though as there is construction on that highway into town and we will end up taking another route.
The movers will be here next week and we are supposed to be unloaded into the WI house by next weekend. I love the whole idea of movers. I'm still sitting here in a house that's as together as it ever has been and will simply just pick-up the junk before they get here so it doesn't get moved or boxed oddly. The only real prep I've done for the move is take down curtains and wash or air them on the line. This is the high life. ha ha I'll pay for it on the back end though as Hubby will be out of town two days after the truck unloads, hardly enough time to get things together but I'll manage. The rough part will come later as the new job starts putting him through many training schools. Good for Hubby, long weeks for me. The good part is I'll be somewhere that I know people, go to a church where I know what to expect and any work I do around the house will be for me instead of a landlord.
Well I guess that's the latest.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


To say I'm aggravated is understating it a bit. Early last week Hubby asked HR at his new job to see if there was anything we needed to get in motion for the move, estimates, forms - whatever. He still didn't have an official start date but we knew it was coming soon and wanted to be pro-active with the move. The HR guy said don't worry, we should be able to get you moved in a week, but I'll call S and have her give you a call etc etc. Well S called Hubby several times last week but never left a message. Hubby not know who the call was from didn't call it back. Well finally on Friday he was available to answer the phone and S says it will be difficult to get us moved by the end of the month! AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGG In fact they are booking things a month out. double AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGG. We have given notice to our landlord and she has people moving in this dump the 15th of Aug. I don't know, I'm hoping that husband's new company will do some rear chewing on Monday and get things in gear. I guess we'll see. What makes things more difficult is that Hubby's first week is an orientation in New Jersey! I really don't want to do all the moving alone, even though I'll have muscle with the movers I would like to have Hubby's help with the unpacking phase and I half expect to find minor issues with the house when we get there due to the fact it's sat empty for a year.

So this weekend Hubby has promised to help me empty the basement and go through the boxes down there. Why? Because we had a framed poster that the boys had broken the glass on sitting on the basement floor, Hubby went to un-frame it and throw the old frame and discovered that it had wicked up moisture and grown mold all over it. Now I'm worried that stuff that's in there has done the same. We have most things up on pallets down there and that should protect them but I don't want the movers picking up a box, the bottom falling out, and finding a box full of linens wet and moldy and having to make decisions to toss, try to clean ,on the fly and having a huge pile of "to clean" when we are still looking for our forks.

Today though Hubby is taking Sonny Boy out for his birthday. On the agenda is the Hubble Movie at the I-Max (Sonny boy still wants to be an astronaut) and the Magic House. I don't expect them back till late afternoon at the earliest. Igor and I are going to hang out, go pick a few groceries and maybe do some chores. I hope Igor is helpful with the chores but highly doubt it. He's at the age where he wants to help but really just gets in the way most of the time. I wish he'd take a nice long nap but of course that's really dreaming.

Well better do some chores

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I can FINALLY say

what the big secret is. I know I've been hemming and hawing about it for a while, some of you know what I've been alluding to, but Hubby has not allowed me to make announcements until today. WE ARE MOVING BACK TO WISCONSIN!!!!!! Hubby has been chasing a job for quite a while now, and the process has been agonizingly slow, as with any big company I suppose but we've been gnashing our teeth (quite literally) waiting on this to happen. Hubby accepted the job a couple of weeks ago now but just now got a start date and the go ahead from them to turn in his resignation at his current job.

This possibility of this job is what made us keep the house and suffer through several months of payments and not working too hard at renting it. Might have been a disaster for us but things worked out. Now we just have to move. Luckily Hubby's new job is paying generous moving expenses with REAL MOVERS. I've never had that before, they'll even come pack!! I'll feel like the Queen of England and just point to where things go.

There are still a few details to work out with the move. We don't have a specific date yet, but we expect that by the end of the week. I'm starting to make lists of things to take care of, address changes, school records, medical, dental etc. However I'm not too stressed as I know about where I'm going, what's there, who my doctor will be, (though I'm gonna get a new dentist) and all that jazz. May have a few blips with Igor's IEP and pre-school since he should have been registered in spring but hey I know people. he he

I'm so glad to get out of this dump. Unbelievably the landlord has already rented this little house to a family with 4 kids we are cramped with 2 here. I'm only hoping maybe they are a little older and don't need quite the running space that my two do. Today is miserable heat wise. Both window units are blowing full blast and it might be 80 degrees in the living room. Thankfully I can close up the bedrooms to cool it off in there when I go to bed.

Well that's the BIG news. I'll write more when I know more.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cruel, Cruel, Summer.....

If your my age a certain Bananarama song will pop into your head, if not look it up! I really had to look up the lyrics to see what it was about because I could only remember the lines " Cruel, Cruel Summer, leaving me here on my own..." of course I don't know the rest that's when humming kicks in.

The summer has been cruel. I loathing the miserable heat and tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. The air conditioning is barely adequate here. The boys go out to play and come back in within 10 minutes little sweaty heads having stripped down to their shorts, leaving their shirts somewhere out in the lawn. I don't know how Hubby is managing at work working in that big metal building must be akin to being in an overly large oven. He says he's used to it but I can't imagine adjusting to that heat. Yes, I suppose I've gotten soft, being a native Arkansans I wouldn't even call it hot till we hit 90 and scoffed at people that were miserable if it was anything under 100 but I suppose 5 years in Wisconsin and dreamy summers that rarely made me turn on the a/c spoiled me. Yes winters are long and miserable, but I can always put on more clothes, turn up the heat or otherwise adjust my temperature when it's 10 degrees. I can only be so naked at 100 and I'm there already.

Thankfully to combat the heat a co-worker of Hubby's has offered the use of his pool to use during the week. They live out in a cornfield and it's one of those places you have to look for, I'm pretty sure it won't show up on a GPS. They have a nice above ground pool. The only problem with the pool is it's depth, right at 4 ft, which is the same height as Sonny Boy. Sonny Boy can just barely get his face above water if he stands on his tippy toes and tilts his head back. Igor I put little arm floaties on him and off he goes, but Sonny Boy can almost swim and wants to dive under etc so the floaties are not cool to him so it's a constant watch to make sure neither kid is drowning. Not too relaxing as my idea of pool time is getting in to cool off occasionally and lazing by the side with one eye open enough to keep the kids from drowning. Beggars can't be choosers though so we go for while a couple of times a week.

The other cruel of summer has been this waiting game we are playing. It's wracking on our nerves and has us on edge. I can't reveal the news yet but things look good for a big reveal at the end of the week. The stress in manifesting it's self in some strange physical symptoms that make us worry and then realize what's happening.

I did get a wild hair last Friday and took the boys to the St. Louis Zoo. It was fun, but in an effort to not look too dumpy I wore some flat sandals. BIG mistake. My left foot has not been happy since. I have since gone to the fancy store across the street aka Dollar General and purchased some arch support insoles for my sneakers and have been trying to be good about wearing them while around the house - I prefer bare feet. Doesn't really seem to be helping and I have a hunch it has something to do with my cranky knee that is also making it's self known. Momma always said after 35 it's "Patch, Patch, Patch" and I'm beginning to think she's right.

Well I guess I'll sign off. This has got be one of the most boring blogs on the web lately.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hey, I don't have a better title to this post, sometimes inspiration strikes and sometimes it doesn't. What can I say?

It's been quite here in Kornfield for the most part. The weather has been miserably hot. Can't believe I spent most of my life suffering through sweltering summers in the South and I don't even really think this area qualifies as "the South" in fact I had a waitress in WI tell me I wasn't really southern because I didn't hail from Mississippi or Alabama! Humph, I can drawl with the best, much to chagrin of Hubby. I will say that five years in Wisconsin has thinned it out some, Hubby lost most of what he picked up while living in Arkansas. I'll never sound totally midwestern I'm sure but I will say that in this area I don't seem to be linguistic sore thumb that I am in Wisconsin.

Big things are just around the corner for the Litter. Keep your fingers crossed, I'm dieing to make an announcement but Hubby will not let me for another week or two. In the meantime we are just wishing all the particulars would hurry up.

The holiday was nice. FIL, Hubby, and Sonny Boy all went to the Cardinals game and watched the fireworks through the arch. They roasted in the cheap seats like three peanuts but had a good time. Igor and I stayed home as trying to keep Igor corralled for nine innings sounded about as much fun as sticking my finger in an electric pencil sharpener. Much better that the big boys go. I do wish I could have seen the fireworks through the arch though as that would have been quite memorable.

Overall we are just bored and tired here. Hubby is still working tons, it's too hot to do anything outside. I'd forgotten how boring a hot summer day is. Wisconsin gets hot weather but at least it goes away in a day or two. The kids are watching too much TV, playing too much Wii and fighting a lot. Quite frankly I'm just too tired to care. Not the best parenting strategy I know but sometimes you just gotta have a sanity break. If the weather cools maybe we'll brave a day at the zoo or something soon but I'm not going dragging around in 95 degrees, 80% humidity and a whole bunch of tourist.

We did go see Toy Story 3 in 3D last week. It was cute and had it's moments but it wasn't near as good as the first, I guess you sorta knew what to expect. I don't think they made the best use of the 3d, particularly since we paid a good bit extra to see it in 3d. I do want to see Despicable Me and Sonny Boy wants to go see the space movie playing at the IMAX. I have a feeling the IMAX movie is going to be way above his head but since he is astronaut crazy I may take him or try to talk Hubby into that adventure. The Imax movie gives me a head ache, any movie I actually have to turn my head like that is too much going on in the periphery of my field of vision.

Well I guess I really have nothing to say, just babbling.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mute Monday

Just what I always wanted - a double decker mobile home.