Thursday, September 16, 2010

Either Busy or Misery

Busy or Misery you may ask? Well that's been my life the last couple of weeks. Either I've been slammed with errands, chores, projects or the regular flotsom of life or I've been knocked down unable to function with migraines. Fun huh? The migraines are being triggered by my TMJ issues. I have an appointment with the TMJ doctor first week of October, I couldn't get in any earlier. The mouthgaurd I'm supposed to wear at night is all out of whack so I haven't been wearing that, couple with stress and the miserable teeth grinding I do all day and muscle spasms that are typical of TMJ flares and I have the trifecta of misery. I do have lots of drugs but honestly sometimes the drugs woozy feeling make me feel worse than the actual pain. Yuck, I'm just not enjoying life a whole lot right now.

Therefore when I do feel at least partially human I have so much to do to keep from falling to far behind on everything and at least feel like I'm enjoying life a little. Needless to say I'm busy.

Sonny Boy participated in the NFL Punt, Pass and Kick event this last weekend. He won his age division (there were only two kids in it) I think his punt went like 4 feet. He's thrilled though and will move up to sectional competion in the next few weeks. He's excited and has been in the yard kicking around a little.

Igor had a birthday as well this last weekend. My little one is now 4. He had a good time, no huge party but he was excited to have presents and a cake.
Last week was the week of cakes. I mentioned I may do a baby shower cake for a freind and I did, unfortunately it happened to fall on the same day as Igor's birthday. The baby shower cake took a lot of time and revisions (mostly mental revisions) and by the time I got around to making Igor's cake I was rather caked out.

Yes those are tea light candles, I forgot to buy regular candles. I'm not too thrilled with this cake at all. I was super tired of dealing with frosting and the cake kept tearing on me. I used a cake mix from Aldi and the last time I made a cake that tore like that the mix was an Aldi brand too. I won't buy anymore Aldi cake mix. It also didn't really taste all that great either.

The baby shower cake turned out well though. I battled making that topper out of fondant and then rice krispie treats and then gave up and made it out of construction paper. The other decorations are all edible gum paste. The bottom tier was chocolate with caramel filling, the top was marble yellow/chocolate with caramel filling, both were covered in buttercream and homemade marshmallow fondant. The cake matched the invitations and paper goods that they used at the shower and recieved rave reviews for taste and appearance. It's far from perfect but I'm pretty proud of it. The girl whose shower it was said several people asked if I had business cards. I don't but maybe I should print some up? I'm tempted to practice some more before I go out and sell, however materials can be costly and frankly we are sick of cake.
Well that's about all for now.