Monday, July 16, 2012


Sonny Boy turns 9 within the next few days (gonna keep the real date secret from all those crazy blog stalkers - all three of you, ha!)  I can't believe it's been 9 years since I was in the hospital having a melt down because the doctor had made the pronouncement I would have to have a C-section.  Really, as upset as I was they would have had an easier time if they'd have just put me under all the way as opposed to just doing a block.  I think if I could have moved my legs I would have just crawled off of that OR table and told them to never mind.  Don't get me wrong, I was nervous about having a baby the old fashioned way and had already made up my mind I wanted an epidural as soon as they would let me have one. But I was completely freaked out by the fact I would be laid out on a table and have my giant belly cut open like a watermelon.  Other than a little terror on my part everything went fine and Sonny Boy was soon pulled out and promptly urinated on a nurse and Hubby before leaving the OR.

In the last 9 years we've certainly had our ups and downs.  The infant year was a dream, honestly Sonny Boy was a really easy baby.  Ages 1-2 he was a busy bee, ages 2-3 started getting rougher and ages 3-5 I questioned my sanity for ever wanting a child in the first place.  Today though Sonny Boy has grown into quite the responsible kid.  He still does dumb kid things of course, and his smart mouth gets him into trouble more than anything.  Today he did me proud though.  Today was the first day of Cub Scout day camp.  I picked him up to hear a half hour monologue of the day's activities and the changes that had been made since last year's camp, needless to say he had a good time.  After being home a little while his den leader called (she had been one of the adult leaders for the day) and told me a story that there had been a disagreement between Sonny Boy and a random kid - not from our group - about to whom a "walking stick" belonged to.  The Den Leader told me that Sonny Boy was calm and handled the situation gracefully and kept his cool despite the other kid being a little brat.  Sonny Boy gave the kid his stick in an effort to keep the peace despite the fact it was probably his stick.  Den Leader said he was really the responsible, reasonable kid in the exchange and had done very well.  It's nice to hear your kid does the right thing even when your not around.

With Birthdays come presents and Sonny Boy is at a hard age.  He's getting too old to really be interested in many of the regular toys (besides legos) and I refuse to buy tons of video games and electronic stuff for him.  What a quandary.  We ended up purchasing him a radio/cd player, some sports shorts - hate those things- some BB's and a target, and a solar powered model kit along with some other paraphernalia.  I'll take some cupcakes and "vader-ade" to share with his pack at camp for a "Happy Birthday" sing and we'll open presents at home.  No big blast this year, though we have discussed something bigger possibly for Igor's birthday that he will benefit from like waterpark or something of that nature.  No final decision have been made on that yet.

Funny how I always come up with good blog topics when I'm nowhere near the keyboard and by the time I can get around to writing them they go away like a butterflies.  Either way the blog is getting stale.  I suppose I need to scribble down in a notepad when I get awesome ideas, but it's difficult to write while in the shower and by the time I dry off the idea is gone.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I got up yesterday morning and discovered I could not put weight on my bad foot, in fact it hurt worse than it did the day I went into the doctor.  I hobbled around and sat on my rear and decided I better go back to the doctor so I called and while I couldn't get in yesterday I did receive an appointment for bright and early this morning.

This morning my foot was still somewhat sore, but I was able to put more weight on it.  I went into the doctor anyway and she took a look, took some more x-rays - this time more of foot than ankle and then put me in a giant walking boot and gave me crutches and has me lined up to see an orthopedist.  The boot isn't so bad, in fact it's more comfortable than the lace up brace I had because that ended at the most sore spot of my foot wear as the boot holds my whole foot still.  The thought is a sprain, but the ligaments/tendons involved are in my foot as opposed to my ankle.

The crutches are another matter.  After not even a full day of use I have some pretty sore arm pits and I'm tired of the fact I can carry nothing.  I'll be good at least for a week I suppose, if my arm pits hold up but I just can't imagine using the dang things for 4-6 weeks.

I had to cancel the commitment I made to chaperon a day of Cub Scout camp.  I hated to do that, especially with only a week's notice since I had made the commitment months ago but hopping/crutching around day camp just didn't seem like something I was going to be able to do even if I do manage to get off the crutches.

Currently Mom has stepped up the plate and has been a help.  She did several loads of laundry today, dishes and the like.  She has fetched for me a good bit as well.  The boys are my legs and Sherpas and I directed them around the flower beds with water jugs and hoses this afternoon.

Funny you don't realize how many times a day you jump up to do a quick something like open a blind, grab a drink, google something or even go the bathroom until doing so becomes a project.

In other news we are just treading water now.  Mom seems to be doing a little better with the increase in her anti-depressants.  Father-in-law doesn't seem to be doing too well.  He had a scan on Monday and we haven't heard any results from that.  I tough to see him as he's basically unable to eat or hold much of anything down.  I suppose the inevitable is getting pretty close.  Glum as it sounds I need to start making sure the boys have clothes acceptable for a funeral. 

Well, I guess that's all I have to tell.  Since I'm but bound for a while I'll probably manage to blog a little more.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Chair Butt

In an effort to stay off the bum foot I've watched so much T.V. my eyes are crossing, surfed the internet till I can't think of anything else worth googling, and napped.  I'm so tired of doing absolutely nothing I'm going nuts.  Who would have thought doing nothing would be so agravating.

I think the foot is somewhat better.  I can put more weight on it, the ankle is still pretty sore.  I decided I'd cook supper tonight and by the time I got the casserole into the oven I was about ready to give in.  The foot was hurting and my good foot/leg was angry about holding most of the weight.  Doctor wanted me to come in if things were not better by today (it's early Mon morning) but I'm not real sure what I want to do.  I think the foot is a little better, but I still have about the same amount of swelling (not a ton, just puffy) and this evening it was hurting quite bad for a while.  I don't know,   I'll play it be ear, or foot tomorrow.

Anyway, I guess I better get into bed and see if I can sleep.  Sitting around doing nothing sure wears a girl out.