Thursday, April 24, 2014

Toss It

I guess I'm just not that sentimental.  Honestly, I see all things things on Pinterest about saving your kids artwork, school papers and so on and think "Really?"  I just don't see the purpose of saving all the crap crafts the boys make at school, church and scouts.  Currently I have an aluminum pie plate full of dirt sitting in the dining room window.  This somebody's idea of an Easter craft, there is supposed to be grass seed in there to sprout over the "tomb".  Of course it needed water daily and didn't get it, along with the fact the "tomb" collapsed a little on the way home from church.  I could have told that Sunday school genius it wasn't a good idea.

I really wonder how sentimental the kids are about stuff.  I know I have little to no attachment to most items from my childhood.  My mother saved a handful of baby clothes of mine, but I could care less about them, they are more her keepsakes than mine.  Sometimes the boys hesitate when told to toss some item or another and I'll let it go and be tossed around the house for a week or two, after that they lose interest and generally throw it out themselves.

I've been trying to toss things lately.  The giant hutch in the dining room has been cleaned out in an effort to sell it in prep for the kitchen remodel.  We've been shopping and arguing about details the last few weeks.  I have a refrigerator on the front porch and a vent hood insert on the way.  We have decided on a range and hopefully can get it ordered to arrive just as we need it.  The fridge was a clearance at a going out of business so it has to sit.  Now we are arguing about doors and soffits.  I guess we don't have anything important to talk about.  When we remodeled our first house years ago we learned remodeling is a trial on marriage and just argue for the sake of it.  I want a window in the door I can see out of - he does not.  Neither one of will budge, I imagine we will end up with a door both of us hate.

Things are going pretty well.  Sonny Boy had the rods removed from his leg about two weeks ago.  A few months earlier than expected but he is doing way better with physical therapy since.  The bone is healed well and he is not limited in activity as long he is not " skydiving" per the doctor.

I'm beginning to dislike my job.  My direct supervisor has a stick so far up her butt it's amazing.  She treats every mistake I make like its some personal insult to her.  You'd think we were handling life and death issues.  The job it's self is rather dull.  I like everyone else there and the little extra money is nice but sometimes the extra hassle dealing with the kids proves a burden.  I. Not even factoring in the mom and kid watching issues that are sure to arrive this summer.  Hubby has so far talked me down a few times from quitting but I'm beginning to absolutely dread going into work.  I'm lucky enough that I don't HAVE to work and I'm thinking its not worth the stress.  I keep thinking that the witch will lighten up and try to give her space but it hasn't improved.  As for hopes she'll quite, move, be fired that's hopeless as she's been there for years and years, though not in her present job.  One day she was so rude to me in front of another co worker that later the other worker told me she was floored.  I'm not gonna gripe more, like I said its not a HAVE to job, so I'm not gonna stress it.

Well it's late and I'm typing this on the tablet because my shoulder / neck hurts to bad to sit at real keyboard.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Normal Life? Well sort of.

Into a somewhat "normal" rhythm now I think, I hope.

Sonny Boy's leg is mostly healed.  He still has a pretty significant limp and is going to physical therapy a couple of days a week but he is no longer using crutches or falling down for no apparent reason.  His knee still cramps up from time to time and gets sore when he's on his feet for a while but nothing out of reason.  The most odd thing is that his knee is hairy - like really hairy.  Sonny Boy proclaims that his knee is going into puberty before the rest of his body.  He will look a little odd this summer with one skinny hairy leg.  Otherwise he is given free reign by the orthopedic doctor.  Tomorrow we go back for a check but expect little issue.

Igor finally started violin lessons.  Tonight was his first lesson and I really like the teacher.  We will get him an instrument in the next couple of weeks.  I'll rent one as he's little and will need a smaller than full size.  Talk of music lessons and Sonny Boy being sent home with a recorder from school has him wanting lessons as well.  I don't know if I can squeeze another activity in for him as when he's busy, he's busy.  I'm hoping the urge will wear off.  I'm not against the lesson but another activity is going to take a hit in order to do it and I feel he needs the physical aspects of wrestling and football more.

Yesterday a girl rear ended Hubby on his way to work.  If he hadn't sent me pictures with the text I would have assumed it was an April Fool's prank.  Hubby was driving the truck which is out of the ordinary, but was a good thing as the car hit pretty hard, tearing up the bumper and hitch and possibly bending the frame a bit.  The girl's car - some sort of Volkswagon was torn up pretty badly.  Thankfully her insurance was paid up.  What a pain in the buttocks.  I'm really glad it was Hubby driving as I'd have never heard the end of it had it been me, regardless if it was my fault or not.  Hubby LOVES the new truck and the only reason I primarily get to drive it is the lack of fuel economy. 

Mom is busy being Mom.  Today I took her to the psychiatrist and went with her to tattle.  I've learned in the last few months that Mom hasn't exactly been straight forward with her doctors.  The shrink wants her to attend counseling which I think is a fantastic idea but she balked at that.  The doctor adjusted her meds and has her coming back in a few weeks, hopefully by then I will have her talked into counseling.  Tomorrow I take her to yet another doctor appointment to discuss the results of some tests on her bladder.  I hope something can be done as she doesn't empty her bladder totally and is rather incontinent.  I'm scared they will recommend surgery which I don't think is the best thing for her due to her general weakness.  I have also gotten her on the waiting list for the subsidized senior apartments that are across town.  It will be less handy to have her not right next door but the rent is fully half of what she pays now.  I also hope being in an apartment complex filled with people her age or older would be good for her socially.  I don't know, it certainly won't isolate her more than she is already.  There is a six month wait so nothing will happen soon on that front.

Me?  Well I feel like I'm running is several directions at once.  Leaping from fire to fire and not getting much accomplished.  Hubby took the boys to his mother's over spring break and I stayed home so I wouldn't miss any more work (I had missed two days earlier in the week due to stomach flu) and had a full four days home alone.  I purchased a bunch of junk food and gorged on Game of Thrones reruns.

Speaking of Game of Thrones it's sort of my latest geek obsession.  The new season starts on Sunday and I think we should have a party or something.  If you haven't watched the show go out and get the first season.  If you are offended by nudity, violence or sex you shouldn't watch it, certainly NOT a kids show but so good.  I haven't let the boys see it of course, but I bought a magazine with pictures in it and the kids looked it over good and Igor drew me a picture of dragons fighting.
Well the kids are off to bed and I'm off to park in front of more GOT.  They have all the seasons on HBO on demand.  It's the only reason I buy HBO.