Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Busy is as Busy Does

The last few weeks have been the kind of busy that's nice, except for the fact I've been battling an almost constant migraine the last two.  Uhg, not much seems to help it, drugs make it lie down for a few hours but then I'm groggy and spacey from them.  Sleep helps some, but really one can only sleep so many hours a day.  I'm in hopes that once we have settled into a school schedule my body will decide "hey this is life now" and quit torturing me.

headache photo: headache headache.gif
The new job is going well.  I'm still in the training phase, but honestly I have the hang of the daily kind of stuff that crops up and will pick up the odds and ends as I move along.  Oddly enough there is a lot of tiny little details that go along with putting books back on the library shelf you probably would have never guessed.  Probably the hardest part is not browsing through the interesting looking books as I take care of them.  My trainer noted I will fit in well because I've read so many different things and know who Eudora Welty is - even though I've never read her. 
My want to read list has grown by leaps and bounds the last couple of weeks as I see books pass through my hands.  I have not indulged this as I am re-reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.
I'm in the middle of the next to the last book and it's like hanging out with old friends.  I haven't read through the series in several years.  I of course know the outcomes of the big plots but have forgotten the smaller snippets and details.  There is a new book to the series due out in March, it was originally scheduled for a December '13 release; but a new TV series on Starz is being developed, and my hunch is they are timing everything to whip up frenzy.  I don't really think they need to whip up too much frenzy, as it seems everyone on the fan sites are in a lather for the show and the new book.  I know I am.
Sonny Boy is in full football practice mode.  He was thrilled with it up until the last practice and they scrimmaged the other team from their league.  Sonny Boy had a bad practice (or so I heard, wasn't there) and managed to mess up the snap several times.  A kid quit on Monday, and when I asked Sonny Boy why he thought the kid quit he thought it was because the coach was too tough.  Sonny
Boy's coach is pretty tough, but I don't think it's extreme, it is football after all.
We have likely nixed our plans for camping over Labor day weekend.  The weather is threatening to be really hot and humid.  We do have an A/C unit on the camper, but without reservations on a holiday weekend the likelihood of getting a campsite with electricity is pretty nil.  I guess we'll have to make it up some other weekend soon. 
Right now my  "to-do" list for scouts is looming large.   In a fit of "sucker written on my forehead" I now wear so many hats in the pack I'm not quite sure what they all are.  I have got to sit down and get all the work whipped out very soon as procrastination has been a big enemy in that department.
I am so glad school starts soon, the boys are driving me off my rocker.  If they are not electronically entertained they are at each other's throats.  I seem to be the only one in the house with enough balls to tell them "no" when it comes to video games so of course I'm the bad guy.  I declared that once school started there would be no video games during the week, I'm sure it's going to be a battle with their pixelated minds but the two have totally forgotten how to play.  Frankly between the constant headache I have and the need to do something other than play referee I'm tempted to let them mush their brains this week just so I can have some peace.  I might let them.
This game is their current obsession and seems to be the rage with all the 9-11 year old boys I know.  Sonny Boy went to a birthday party the other day and it was completely themed around this game and he thought it fantastic.  I don't really understand it as I haven't played it, but I'm told it's like electronic Legos to an extent and it takes a fair amount of creativity to build and play in it.  The biggest problem is that it is loaded on our computer and therefore when I want to use the computer I usually have a short person at my elbow begging to play.  I have ran them off about 6 times since I started this blog post.
Well I suppose I should get off the computer myself.  My never-ending to do list is calling despite the fact I'd really just like to take a Percocet and sleep off the headache that never goes away.  Unfortunately neither is likely to happen totally.



Thursday, August 8, 2013

Whirlwind Summer

I'm having a hard time believing we are well into August already.  The summer has flown by at an extreme rate this year.  I can hardly believe it.

July was busy.  Hubby and I dumped the kiddos with their Grandma and Aunt and went out to the Pacific Northwest for a week.  It was a great vacation.  Our rental car was upgraded from cheapest available to a Mercedes with 250 miles on it.  What a car!  We saw snow capped mountains, Crater Lake, Whitewater rafted

I am in black sleeves and a yellow helmet, Hubby is the bald guy in the bright yellow shirt.  Rafting was a blast, Hubby declared the best part was the squealing noises I made as I was hit with face full of 55 degree water. 

The Oregon coast was beautiful but wicked cold.  I don't think that was unusual either as we were told we were there on a nice day!  We visited relatives and I met the last of numerous cousins of Hubby's I'd never met before.

Coming home I got the camper ready and Hubby and Sonny Boy went to EAA in Osh Kosh, WI  for a couple of days, came home, I packed them again and they went to Cub Scout camp for two days.  I'm tired of packing for camping I don't get to go on!

This week swim lessons for Igor started as well as football practice for Sonny Boy.  Just that in it's self is a lot.

The big news is I'm now gainfully employed.  I won't be rolling in the dough by any means but the job just dropped in my lap.  I was in the library back in July and I was practically shoved an application to come be a shelver.  I'll mostly work while the kids are in school which works out really well.  I start in a couple of weeks, currently they are running background checks and I go into the clinic for a physical and drug testing in just a few minutes.

Busy, Busy, Busy.  It's good though.  Possibly some big things on the horizon and I'm hoping that pans out.  It could be one heck of an adventure.  Hopefully will know if it come to fruition in a couple of months.