Sunday, April 17, 2016

Long Time no See

No, I haven't dropped dead or anything, just living a busy life.  Blogger has been giving me issues lately as well and won't let me log in from the Ipad or my phone so actually getting up and getting the lap top... yada yada.  Especially a pain when I go to comment on a blog.  Therefore I just haven't done it.

If there is an "e" missing anywhere in this post be advised the "e" is having issues on my keyboard requiring a really hard mash to work.  Probably has food stuck under it because the kids use the laptop way more than me.

Wrestling ended badly this season.  Two practices before regional state qualifiers Sonny Boy broke his wrist at practice.  I got a call from practice to come get him and I showed up he was sitting on a stack of mats with his arm flat and was ashen.  A trip to the ER later and he was home with a scrip for pain pills, a splint and orders to follow up with orthopedics.  No surgery required thankfully and as far as breaks go it wasn't too bad.  It was season ending however.  Particularly painful as we started seeing who made it to state and he had beaten several kids that did qualify.  Of course that doesn't mean he would have qualified but does make one wonder.

Igor is busy with scouts and an afterschool minecraft club.  The other day I went to pick him up from school and he never came to the truck.  Sonny Boy and I went home thinking he walked past us as we've been vehicle swapping a lot lately.  No Igor at home.  I left Sonny Boy home and he promptly started calling his neighborhood buddies to watch for Igor and I in a half panic rushed back to the school to find Igor putzing away in the computer lab.  Club was on Tuesday that week instead of the usual Wed.  Other than that Igor has been quite dull, and honestly that's pretty good.

Hubby has been busy with work and has taken on another old boat that had belonged to his father for a project.  Just what we needed.  Now in our yard are two fishing boats taking up most of my back driveway.  Hubby says that one boat is either going to his brother-in-law or he's selling it but right now we look like a marina.  Couple that with the canoe by the garage and the kayak that is stuffed in the camper we are prepared for high water.

I've been hibernating - or at least that is what my neighbor accused me of yesterday when I finally went out.  In truth I've been down with a rash of migraine induced misery.  My body is in a miserable state of flux.  I have had an appointment with an endocrinologist and she ordered a battery of blood work but I've been unable to go in and get it drawn as it has list of "no's" and with the migraine rash I haven't been able to avoid the meds.  I've been better this weekend and hope to get in tomorrow morning to have the blood drawn.  I also have an appointment this week for more botox injections so that will hopefully calm down the mess.

Life, I suppose.  Nothing dramatic, nothing huge.  All the normal stresses.  Can't complain too much.