Monday, December 29, 2008

A Merry Christmas was had by all....

Christmas this year was quite fun. We were joined by my Father-in-Law and my mother. It was quite the duo to say the least. The kids had a blast opening presents and playing with their new loot. Sonny Boy is paticularly proud of the new Wii grandpa got him and so is mom, since I'd been wanting one for quite a while as well. Igor is the proud new owner of a play kitchen and has been busy mixing in the blender ( margaritas for mom?) and making me eat fake food. Alas the houseguest are all gone, I dreading taking down the decorations in a few days and we will all be back to normal, whatever that may be around here.

Tomorrow Igor goes to the doc. For several months now we've been battling bouts of constipation. He will be constipated, I'll give him a dose of milk of magnesia per the GI docs orders, he poop normally for a week, sometimes longer and become constipated again. If hubby I are not communicating properly ( unfornately it needs to be an everyday conversation if you changed a normal poopy or not) he'll become somewhat inpacted and have a miserable bm. After trying home remedys and making sure his fiber intake has increased it still hasn't really effected things so we are off to the doc tomorrow. Hopefully the pediatrician has some remedys that are long term, if not we are doomed to attend the constipation clinic (can you believe there is such a thing?) at children's hospital. I have a feeling we'll start a daily dose of miralax as that seems to the option of choice for this kind of thing as I read up on it on the web.

Currently I'm longing for a warm vacation. Snow has been miserable this year with record amounts for December. It did warm up in the last couple of days and melt what was on the ground, however I'm sure that's just a short reprieve. After shoveling out from a recent 12 inch snowfall I told hubby that I'm beginning to understand why all the old people move south when they retire. If we have another huge snowfall winter like last I might start pawning things in order to purchase a snowblower. Back to vacation wishes, even if I had money etc I don't know what I'd do with the kids. Hats off to those who take their kids on vacation with them, but until everyone is potty trained, does not need a mid-day nap, and can eat in a restaraunt like a human it's not much of vacation for me. My job is the kids so why would I carry them on vacation with me? Sort of like taking your computer, boss, and spreadsheets with you.

Since the end of the year is here we have been discussing what we will do with the windfall that will be our tax return this year with the adoption credit. For now we have decided to let it sit in the bank and watch the economy for a bit. If things don't go further downhill and it appears hubby's job will remain stable we will probably get in line for the adoption roller coaster again and try our luck. I don't think we will return to Ukraine though, the news that comes out of there seems so dire in regards to adopting young children. I don't think I can take the blind referal process again and this time I want a girl!

Well I must get supper on the table or the terrible twosome will begin gnawing off my leg. Hope Christmas was merry and the new year is good to you.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Merry Christmas

I know it's a little early for season's greetings, however at the frantic pace life is going at right now the opportunity to actually blog before Christmas looks terribly slim.
I see the schedule terribly booked every weekend up until Christmas and I have only purchased one gift for the boys! This last weekend was devoted to the civic organization I belong to. I didn't really intend to spend all weekend working or attending functions however it seemed everything fell into place on one weekend. Friday night was the town Christmas parade that I had chaired the float comittee on so we met early and assembled the float that Hubby and I had accumulated the items from here and there from. The float turned out really cute but OH BOY was it cold somewhere between 10-15 degrees for the parade. Sonny Boy gave up and rode in the cab of the truck instead of on the float! Of course I forgot the camera and the only picture that exist is on someone's blackberry. Early Sat I drove north with fellow members for officer training at the tail end of a 2 inch snow, it was a little dicey at times but we made it. I spent the night and attended the installation banquet of the state officers and we stayed out way too late. The next morning we dragged into town just in time for the shopping spree we sponsor where we take needy kids shopping so they can purchase gifts for their family members. I'm about pooped with group but I still have a meeting tomorrow night and some Magic Show thing I'm in charge of to handle in a couple of weeks and our local installation banquet to plan in late January. Me thinks I signed up for too much right at the holidays. Hubby was a trooper and handled the kids all weekend, although I came home to an empty fridge.
One of the things on my many itemed list for the holidays is to get a decent pic of the boys for our holiday card. We took these while we were visiting family over Thanksgiving.

Somehow I don't think any of these say Merry Christmas, but I'm tempted to put them all on one card anyway as it might be quite funny. I think I may have one more shot this weekend if can get my act together and dress the kids to go see Santa in the Chalet they have here in town. It's a nice little thing town does and you can take all the pics you want with Santa and not stand in line or pay the outrageous prices that the mall charges. Perk of living in a small town.

Eli's now going to a little group speech therapy thing now once a week. It's like a condensed preschool for two year olds in one hour. I hope it helps his speech start to catch up as he's getting pretty frustrated at times. Besides that I'd like to know if he's spitting out the rice because he thinks it taste bad or if he's just spitting it out.

Anyhow I must get back to circus show called house chores with a two and five year old running wild at the same time. Merry Christmas to all in blog land!