Wednesday, June 25, 2014

...And they're always glad you came

In my job I often work the circulation desk to cover for breaks, lunch, or simply when the clerk gets over whelmed with too many patrons.  Mostly I enjoy it, I see a ton of people and I'm starting to learn some of the more frequent visitors.  The public library is a haven for all - and I wouldn't change that- but we certainly get a wide variety of the population of our small town through the doors on a frequent basis.

Perhaps the one that intrigues me most is "Doris" (I do know her real first name).  I have seen Doris for years around town and occasionally at the swimming pool.  Doris is very hard to describe, one gets the impression she is doing her best to appear ghost like as she conducts her mysterious errands. Near daily she comes in and pulls a paperback and reads for a while, returns the book and leaves.  Doris rarely speaks to anyone, doesn't stay terribly long, and never checks out materials.  I have spotted her through the window of the coffee shop, and a co-worker said told me she frequently drinks coffee at a nearby family diner.  I do not think she is homeless, as she is fairly well groomed and clean.  She also must have some disposable income to appear at the pool - though in fairness I don't know if she is attending this year.  No one really knows her story, which in our small town is rare for the eccentrics.  My best guess is she is autistic to some degree, and the library is part of her normal routine.

The last couple of days I've had patrons that after a few brief words it has hit me "oh!autism!"  Yesterday was guy roughly 30 years old who was asking about a book.  Not unusual, except for the amount of enthusiasm he had for a novel that was primarily written for 14 year old girls.  When I checked for the book and discovered that our library did not have it, but we could bring it in, I garnered the same reaction as if I'd pooped on the desk.  I was then quizzed about the availability of bookstores in town (none) and how fast could I get the loaner copy and could his dad reserve it?   The guy then goes out and retrieves his father who brings in his card to place the hold.  Dad didn't look too thrilled about the whole operation.

We of course have a wide variety of patrons with a wide range quirks.  A nearly blind lady we have a specific computer with special contrast on.  A mildly developmentally delayed mother with a severely delayed daughter who loves Japanese anime.  A local history junkie who is forever combing through microfilm and the the regulars who come in and check their e-mail and Facebook.

While living in a small town has its disadvantages (a serious lack of dining options being one) it has a sense of community I don't think is shared in cities.  A place where Doris is free to haunt around and people look out for her, and the library keeps a computer for one specific patron's use.

Where everybody knows your name.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Up All Night

I haven't been doing well lately.  I finally managed to taper off the meds the not so ethical TMJ doc put me on.  The bummer is that the reason I was started on those meds is back full force.  Nothing like clenching your teeth together as hard as possible for hours at a time to make you feel good.  Honestly, try it.  Clench your back teeth together as hard as you possible can - count to 10, release.  That is what I do all night.  Yes I have a night guard, and I probably wouldn't have teeth without it, but I just chomp down on that.  I wake up 4 or 5 days a week with at least a moderate headache and feel like somebody has punched me in the face repeatedly.  On good days I can drug away the pain and start to feel OK by noon, but often not much helps.  Somedays the pain finally starts to fade by late evening.  When I finally start to feel better I don't really want to rush into bed to start the cycle over again, even though I'm rather sleepy.  Hence Up All Night.

Seems as though my blood pressure is sky rocketing as well.  I was standing in line at the pharmacy the other day and for grins I thought I would sit down at the little blood pressure thing and try it out.  My blood pressure was screaming high.  I came home and found Hubby's blood pressure cuff and took my BP after resting a bit, it was still high.  I've been taking my BP at different times of  day and its still really high.  I'm recording it for the doctor and will call to try to try and get a quick appointment in the next day or so.

I've been googling and I found a med I want to try and see if it helps with the clenching issues.  I hope the doctor will write me a scrip to try it.  I guess she'll write me one for blood pressure med too. Maybe if I can get the crazy clenching under control the blood pressure will come down on its own.

In other news... Mom has an electrophysiology study this week.  Hopefully they can find the cause of these fainting epiosodes and she can start driving again.  The kitchen has stalled with the installation of a window that was significantly smaller than we anticipated and the need to reorder, and install again.  We don't even want to discuss the cost factor.  The boys are living at the swimming pool.  Work sucks.

Well, I should go to bed and start the pain cycle over.  It's 1:00am and I should try the dr's office and see if I can get in early in the morning before I go into work.

What a whiney post.  Just drivel.