Friday, November 20, 2015

Times, they are a changing

Sonny Boy reported the other day that he came out to his friends.  Let me back up and say in no way do I think he's gay, nor does he think he's gay, but evidently a good chunk of his school buds are believing it.

Seems Sonny Boy is catching some flak for being in wrestling as it is a "gay" sport.  Sonny Boy agrees dressing is a singlet and rolling around with another boy is suspect but doesn't really care.  Sonny Boy grinned and let the teasing pass.  Well it seems a girl that likes him has gotten bolder and is writing him "love notes" and this has become general knowledge and is causing gossip.  Sonny Boy in his pragmatic way shrugs and says he doesn't really care because he tells them he's gay to dispel the gossip.  His friends are cool with it.  This in 6 th grade.

Hubby's reaction to this story "if I'd have done that I would have been beaten up."