Monday, December 20, 2010


Purple. That is the color of the cast that now encases Igor's leg from his little toes up almost to his hip. So let me back up the story a little bit.

Sunday afternoon the boys were out playing in the yard and periodically begging to go the big sledding hill in the park behind our house. Hubby had taken his car seat out to fix the heated seat element and we were working on it in the kitchen floor. Hubby suggested I be a hero and take the boys over to the hill, I stated I didn't think it was the greatest idea as most of the snow had been worn off and it was too fast. Hubby gets the bun warmer going in his car (let me tell you leather seats in WI without a bun warmer are not fun) puts on his boots and takes the boys to the hill for a couple of runs. I sit down at the computer to surf around and hear Hubby outside yelling my name with a desperate sound of fear and freaking out. I run to the back door he's yelling at me to grab the keys and is cradling a crying Igor. I scatter around putting on shoes, hunting keys, purse and coat and run out the door (later at the ER I wondered if I'd left it standing wide open) poor Hubby is so flustered he's not quite sure what to do with Igor, we've all been so trained with carseats and all he's got all the doors open on the van and I think was planning on riding in the way back with him with all the seats folded. Anyhow I tell him just to get in the passenger seat, run around slam the side doors and pull out. In the meantime Sonny Boy has gotten in his seat and strapped himself in. We go the ER which is only about 3 minutes away while Hubby gives a brief description of what happened. I asked " Are you sure it's broke?" his reply was "Look at it!" Igor's boot had come off in the accident so he was sock-footed on the injured leg. Let's just say it was an amazing feat that I didn't puke right there in the van while I was driving.

The rest of the story progresses how you might figure, ER, lots of meds, an x-ray, set the bone, a splint and an appointment today with an orthopedist. Igor picked out purple, Hubby declares it's Vikings Purple.

To tell a tale second hand Igor had already done one run down the hill and was on his second run. Hubby had held on to the sled as there were quite a few kids on the hill and he waited on them to clear out. When the did he let go - Igor says he pushed!- well there was a kid on a snowboard who cut into his path and then fell down and it sounds like Igor t-boned him in the midsection. Sonny Boy cried "Awesome!" and Hubby went running down the hill. Hubby stopped and asked Igor if he was hurt or scared and Igor replied "scared" and checked on the other kid who was already getting up. It was then that Hubby turns around to see Igor trying to put his boot back on a foot that was flopping at un-natural angles. He then scooped up Igor and started running for the house. Sonny Boy figuring out things were indeed not awesome slid down the hill on his rear (we only have one sled) picked up the sled and caught up to his Dad. A long narrative but Hubby declares all this happened in like 25 seconds.

Igor did as well as you could expect a freaked out four year old with a compound fracture of the leg to do. He was more scared than in actual pain and who could blame him as it must have been a slow afternoon in the ER since he garnered a good share of nurses and techs, was hooked up to heart monitors, oxygen, and an IV. He remembers none of it thanks to drugs and we've quietly agreed to not talk about any of the goings on at the ER. After they set the fracture and splinted it Igor settled quickly and it was just a matter of waiting on all the drugs to diffuse so I sent Hubby and Sonny Boy home to get out of their boots, eat, and gather some PJ's for Igor to change into to go home. An hour later he was on the couch watching cartoons. Today they simply took off the splint and casted his leg. The break is through both bones right above the ankle but the ortho said with little kids they had to cast up past the knee.

The biggest quandry is what to do with him in the car? I'm open for ideas.

Pictures to follow, they gave me a CD of the X-rays but I managed to loose them between the Dr's office and the house. My hunch is they are in the van, but it was already snowing tonight by the time I realized it so they will wait.

...and may all your Christmas's be purple.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Waiting to Chill.

Just a few lines while I wait on the sugar cookie dough to chill and have the burny smell of bleach in my nostrils.

Why you may ask bleach? Well I've had a little visitor of the rodent variety take up residence in my kitchen so before I felt comfortable to cook I thought the kitchen needed a good disinfecting. So I wiped down everything with bleach water and still have it brewing in the sink as I plan a second round of wiping down before I roll out the cookie dough and just didn't want to drain it away. In hindsight I probably have too much bleach in the water, but better safe than sorry.

I did set a trap the first day I saw evidence of the little disease spreader, however it was an old trap and he was sneaky. I just fed him a dab of peanut butter that night. The next day however I purchased myself FOUR traps for whopping $1.98 and set them up last night after supper, turned off the kitchen lights and told the kids to stay out of there. The little booger was smart because even after the kids were in bed, and I was reading in the living room he still didn't spring a trap. Later though, as soon as I turned off the bedroom TV and rolled over to sleep I heard the trap spring. I came downstairs to find my nemesis had met his demise. Good riddance. I hope he was the only one. It does seem we only get one or two mice at a time for some reason here, no plagues like we did when I was a kid living in the Arkansas cotton fields. I'll keep the traps out for a few days or so just to make sure though.

Christmas has crept up too quickly this year. I do think I have finished the shopping though. My list has gotten shorter in the last year or two since Hubby's family has decided to stop the exchange of gifts in lieu of a get-together similar to last year's Dells trip. So with the exception of my mother we only have the kids and each other to buy for. Last year Hubby and I didn't even buy for each other due to the craziness of our life. This year we are because it just seemed wrong not to buy each other at least a little something.

So far the plan is to be home for Christmas and leave the day after for the in-laws. I'll likely spend Christmas day baking my niece a birthday cake since her birthday is the day after Christmas. I've been wanting to make a girly cake. Mom will stay south as it's a pretty certain thing she will loose her job the first of the year. Mom works at the city hall in the little town I grew up in and a new mayor was elected in November. The rumour mill has it that he is going to replace all city workers. Mom's job is not political in the least, and a normal mayoral turnover generally wouldn't effect her job. There is bad blood with the new mayor and the city council and it sounds as if he's half crazy as he thinks he's going to have an inaugural parade. The town doesn't even have a Christmas parade, so my guess is it's gonna be one crazy guy riding around town in the back of a pick-up with another vehicle behind. Good luck with that one Mr. Mayor. However she has to wait it out to be fired so she can draw unemployment. Yay, her prospects in this economy don't look good and she's hoping to move up here to be near us. It may prove to be an interesting new year.

Anyway if I don't get around to posting again, here's wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.