Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Little of this, a little of that

We are currently living in self induced chaos.  I'll explain.  On May 1 we started an extensive kitchen remodel.  We boxed up the dishes, and started destruction.  Things are moving forward but when making a pot of coffee is an adventure you tend to start to hate things and just wish you had your old stained kitchen sink back.

Not only is the kitchen destroyed it has in turn trashed every other room in the house.  The kitchen by necessity had a TINY pantry that had the washer and dryer stuffed into it.  We are going to move the laundry upstairs and make use of the odd little room we have Hubby's "office" in.  He rarely uses it, and doesn't have a beef with sharing it with the laundry machines.  In the meantime though the laundry is taking over.  I've done several loads of laundry at Mom's, and a morning at the laundrymat which was all kinds of fun.  The plumber is here right now running plumbing up to the new laundry room.  Hopefully, I'll have a washing machine running by the end of the day.  The bummer is Hubby was called out of town last minute and the washer is in the living room!  Alas I will have to wait to get laundry done unless I can beg a man or two to wrestle the beast up the stairs.  I still have to go buy a dryer as well because our dryer was getting on in years and spewed lint everywhere when the lint trap was opened.

I am trying to be mellow about the half camping conditions we are enduring but after a few weeks its getting old already.  Hubby is working hard at it, and in reality I don't expect completion until August but occasionally I get so tired of the battle to find a spoon, or the layer of dusty grit that has settled on everything and reappears ten minutes after cleaning ( I don't even bother with the floors) I just declare defeat and order a pizza again.

I repeat the mantra " it will be nice when we are done".

Work is somewhat better.  My supervisor was almost pleasant the other day.  I'm still not thrilled with her.  Another position has opened up and I threw my hat in the ring for it.  It will pay a little more and be about the same amount of hours.  I have no idea what days and hours I'll be working as they haven't set a schedule for it yet.  I was warned it would include some evening hours, but that might be better as the kids would be with Hubby then.  We shall see.  The job isn't mine yet.

On the other hand Mom is up to her tricks.  Last week on Her way into physical therapy she's fell flat on her face in the hospital hallway.  Busted up her face pretty good, nothing serious but she looks as if she went a couple of rounds with someone.  She was admitted to the hospital for observation because it was not apparent why she fell because there was nothing there to trip on and it was fishy that she didn't have her arms out to catch herself.  The cardiologist is worried she's having blackout spells again.  After an overnight and some tests she was sent home attached to a heart monitor and an appointment was made to see another specialist this week.  Yi, yi, yi.  If its not one thing it's another.

I suppose we are just busy living life.  Somedays I can't believe how fast it goes by.  Saw a quote the other day I thought fitting.

The days are long, but the years are short.  Sums up things well don't you think?