Monday, June 30, 2008

Before and after - home 12 weeks

Nothing like a few hundred calories poked down your throat daily and some multivitamins!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We are surviving!!

and possibly even thriving a little. Last week I took Igor into the doc and he had gained a pound and a half. It doesn't sound like much but it's alot when you started at 19 lbs or so. The docs were thrilled. We still have some bowel issues that come and go, we haven't figured out what it all is. So far we've ruled out celiac, lactose intolerance and parasites. The scariest one is that the GI doc wants to have him tested for cystic fibrosis. My logical brain tells me to settle down, he's ruling things out, however something like that never crossed my mind.

Sleeping through the night is getting better. Most nights he is only waking once now and usually just a word from us lying in our bed settles him so we don't even have to get up. However I wish naps would improve. Naps are still iffy and way to short so we have a very tired boy by suppertime.

The eating issues are about the same. Chewing seems to be harder than algebra for him, we do have speech therapy through 0-3 coming, she gave some suggestions but I've seen minimal improvement with those and doing it really just ticks Igor off to no end. The therapist comes again tomorrow though, so maybe we'll get some more tricks.

We took the kids camping this last weekend. It was a show to say the least. Igor handled it well all things considering and really liked playing in the dirt. It was a last minute trip for only one night but it was "getting away" for a little while and mom and dad got to sit around the fire and drink beer for a bit which doesn't seem to get done at home for some reason. We have promised Sonny Boy a camping trip for his birthday and that we'd take a friend of his along so it was something of a trial run for that. However for the birthday trip we will stay closer to home and I don't think I'll spend the night, I'll leave it for Hubby and Sonny Boy.

I hope to post a few pics soon, however you know how it is. The workload does more than double with two kids, it quadruples.