Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The end of summer

The pool has closed, school supplies are purchased, football has started and school is looming next week.  Summer is over.  It has been a blur, all seasons seem to speed by but this one has been in super sonic mode.  Constantly fretting over the next step in the kitchen remodel, the never ending scratching up of meals and actually having a paying job have taken its toll.  Things I had hoped to do this summer have simply fell away, a trip down to Chicago so the kids could see a "big city" and go the museum, not done.  Not one single night of camping ( though scratching meals in the camper daily has given a camping quality to life) and no trips north to see the in laws there hasn't been too much fun this season.  I hope the kids forgive us.  The boys do admit to liking the large amounts of junk food they have consumed.

Hubby is in France this week.  He called to inform me he could see the Eiffel Tower from his hotel room.  Pfft on him.  I saw the business end of a paint brush for three solid days!  I read on the inter webs that a volcano in Iceland is gurgling and could possibly shut down air traffic like it did a few years ago.  If he gets stuck there I hope all he finds to eat is stinky cheese!  Though we are somewhat accustomed to cheese eating being Wisconsinites and all.

I am so glad school is starting.  The boys really need some routine to their exsistence.  Currently they are both grounded from electronics for various infractions, from the wailing and teeth gnashing one would think I had reduced their diets to bread and water and shot the dog.

Looking through the various bits on the i pad the kids have been playing with...dang they won't upload.  You would find them humorous.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yep, I'm not dead yet.

It's been more than a little wild around here with the kitchen remodel going on.  Nearly every spare minute has been spent with some construction project or searching the inter webs for stuff and ideas.  The kitchen is finally staring to come together with the installation of the cabinets starting late last week.  If things go smoothly we should be able to cobble together a functional kitchen within two to three weeks.  I'm not holding my breath cause you know how construction stuff goes.

On other fronts Mom is still being herself, though I'm letting her.  The last couple of doctor visits have subtracted two different meds from her LONG list.  She was still getting dizzy just this last week though nothing is showing on her implanted heart monitor.  Hopefully the removal of these meds will prove fruitful.

Sonny Boy has started football now full force.  Four days a week, two hour practices.  You might think this was the NFL, not 5th grade peewee.  He likes it though, and he's comfortable with his coaches, a big improvement over last year.  Igor is rather bored this summer.  Both boys go down to the pool daily but Sonny Boy generally hangs out with a group of kids his age that are there while Igor swims.  Igor's social circle is smaller and he is not near as social as Sonny Boy and being on the younger side of the pool crowd leaves him out a bit.

This week it was officially announced that my hometown school district is closing.  It's not really unexpected, the place has been in decline for a long time.  Low enrollment, poor achievement, and plagued with mismanagement it is time.  This will be the last nail in the coffin the small town has been filling for a while now.  A strange feeling knowing your school (heck the whole district) will no longer exist.