Friday, August 22, 2008

MOM!!!! MOM!!!! MOM!!!!

This is what I woke up to the other morning. It's a wonderful feeling to know Igor is getting more and more comfortable and doesn't wake up screaming bloody murder and scaring us out our skin anymore. The downside of this is he now stands beside me all day and yells " MOM MOM MOM" for no apparent reason other than that he can now call me by a name. I do wish it would vary to Mama or Mommy occasionally though, he picked up the Mom thing from Sonny Boy I'm sure. He's also saying a handful of other words as well. Not too shabby for a kid who wasn't even speaking his native tongue four months ago. I knew there was a bright light in there somewhere.

Honestly I have to say I've been impressed by how easily he's fit into our family. I know we may just be having a honeymoon, however I don't think a kid this young can do that. Truely the only issue that has arisen is his eating problems which we are addressing through speech therapy. The issues are truly frustrating and I feel I spend huge amounts of time in front of the high chair exagerating my chewing motions and gulping to get food to go down. I also have a little rubber brush we rub around in his mouth when we want to make him really pissed off!

Sonny Boy told me the other day he wanted me to go back to Ukraine and get him a little sister. After a little more conversation it turned out he simply wanted to go stay at his aunt's house for an extended period of time. Nothing like three boy cousins, a new jungle gym and sandbox, a lake at the back door and a playroom that resembles Toys R Us to make home boring and dull.

Summer is drawing to a close of course and next week we go for open house at Sonny Boy's pre-school. It will be old hat as he has the same teacher as last year. Sonny Boy is now admitting that he's disappointed not to be attending kindergarten this year, however I still think we made the right decision holding him back.

Well it appears I'm having some computer problems so I better cut this short. I'm going to try for a picture-- or not.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A new feature

Just playing around and thought a spiffy slide show of our trip to Ukraine would jazz up the blog a bit. Of course these are only a fraction of the pictures taken on the trip but I thought it a pretty good snapshot of the sights.

Strangely I'm missing all the stress associated with getting ready and worrying about the trip. I know that's bizarre but it's been the forefront of my life for the last year. It seems I always need some huge event to stress over or I'm not content.

Now my sleepless nights are filled with worry of what will happen if something happens to Hubby or the kids and all the bizarre thoughts of terror that you'll loose someone you love.

I suppose I need to find some sort of hobby. I did sell one of Sonny Boy's toys on Ebay the other day. I was thrilled, it's the first thing I sold on Ebay. I bought the thing a couple of years ago when he was in a huge Calliou phase, lately it's just been beating around the toy box so I dug out all the pieces and listed it. The thing sold for DOUBLE what I paid for it! I keep wondering what else might I list, and should I start haunting yard sales for treasures.

Well that's about it, we leave for our marathon road trip tomorrow and I'm sure that's going to be an adventure. I plan on taking sound protecting earmuffs to dampen out the racket from the back of the van. The library also lends MP3 books and players so I may stick those ear plugs in under the headphones as well. We'll drive at night and hope the kids sleep but you know how the saying goes.