Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Sorry the previous post looks terrible. I also wanted to add a good picture of Sonny Boy but the program doesn't like me and wouldn't let me insert it where it made sense.

Pants on the Ground and Other Musings

Poor Igor is growing faster in height than in girth, to get pants the right lenght they are usually too big in the waist. Brings to mind a recent American Idol phenom does it not?

Last weekend we took a trip to the Wisconsin Dells. We met up with Hubby's sister and her family, mother, father and grandmother. A good time was had by all.

Here are the boys with their cousins all hamming it up for the camera in their cool shades.

This isn't the best picture, but if you look closely you can see that Igor is grinning ear to ear, I think Hubby must be getting a lot of water up his shorts or something.

Mostly Igor just liked hanging out in the wading pools and splashing around.

I'm sure this picture involved Sonny Boy trying to talk Igor into going down a slide.

Igor posing, unfortunately when you take his glasses off his eyes wander around like that.

Hubby reading to his neice and Igor.

Hubby decided to sport the cool shades that the kids had.
In a previous post I wrote about my endevours for a birthday cake for my Father In Law. Well it turned out it was close to my nephew's birthday as well so I made him a hockey puck cake. For those interested it is chocolate ganache tinted black, a print out from the internet for the hockey team design and the hockey stick is fondant. This was sort of a last minute cake but I think it turned out well.
Father-in-law's cake turned out well but didn't travel wonderfully, the duck had a few frosting issues, most of my cattails shattered (I'll know to wrap them better next time) and about three minutes after this picture was taken the cattails started falling over as there wasn't enough cake there to hold them up as they were quite heavy, this eventually led to that corner of the cake falling apart. The lilly pads and cattails were fondant, the cattail stems were pulled sugar (hence the shattering) the duck was a rubber duck cake pan with chocolate icing tinted black, a fondant beak.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just some Ramblings...

By now I'm sure you have heard of the horrible earthquake that has happened in Haiti, I can't imagine your reading my blog without at least having at least one eye on the news. If you haven't given money yet and you plan to, please check out the charity's ranking on In fact, I ask you do this with any donation you make. I do not care to whom you give your money, but I do care that it is used the best possible manner, not going to big salaries and the like.

I just read an article on Yahoo and there is some unrest concerning the upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine. Hopefully things will go smoothly and the Ukrainian people will choose the leader that is best suited for them in the new decade.

This week has been both long and short. I've been battling a nasty bout with the TMJ, migraines and insomnia. I'm starting to feel human today, yay just in time to do a mountain of laundry and try to catch up on a few chores. Hubby has been working massive 12 hour days the last two weeks and even on Saturdays so he has not been able to take up my slack. I don't even think little Igor has seen him as he's been in bed when Hubby gets home at night.

Otherwise things have been pretty quiet. It seems as if we will never get back into a steady routine at least in January. The kids attended school for two days and then were out two days for snow, today is early release so Igor does not atttend at all, they are out of school Monday for MLK and we will pull them for our Dells trip for a couple of days as well. Ug, I don't think Sonny Boy's morning issues will ever resolve without a consistent routine forming. I don't remember getting out of school so often when I was a kid, they seem to have at least one early release day a month not to mention the various holidays etc. The kids also get really odd holidays that I don't EVER remember getting out of school for, Veterans Day, Presidents Day, and some odd holiday called Casimir Pulaski Day in March. I have a history degree and have no idea who the guy is, guess I should google.

Well I'm not getting laundry or any other chore done sitting here pecking away and watching Sesame Street.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Morning Nightmare

I'm thinking that the people who decided to take two weeks off in the middle of the school year did/do not have a kid that needs a strict routine. The last couple of mornings have been terrible getting Sonny Boy out the door without a screaming fit by all involved. Curse the long vacation, while it was nice to sleep in and not have to rush out the door it wiped out all progress we had made with a routine being followed with a minimum of goofing around. I'm wondering if the DS was purchased all for naught as Sonny Boy has been restricted from it's use the last two days for his behavior in the morning. The stink is that tomorrow I'm guessing will be a snow day so we'll be starting all over again and wipe out any progress made the last two days of school.
This picture was taken the day of the Christmas program at school. What a hassle to watch the Sonny Boy sing three little songs I couldn't hear and watch Igor spin in circles. I think he was a little overwhelmed by a gym full of people, however he didn't really freak out so I consider it a win and honestly he wasn't anymore distracted than all the other preschool kids.

I was practicing the birthday cake for father-in-law a couple of days ago. I purchased a 3D duck shaped cake pan for the endevour, however it's a rubber ducky pan and my plan was make a mallard duck, therefore I wanted to carve on the rubber duck cake to give it more mallard shape.
I did carve on this cake duck, but I don't think he really resembles the real duck in the background, but he did gain more of a neck. Since he was a practice duck I then just frosted him with some chocolate icing and put a couple of candies for eyes. So we could eat him.

Hubby came home from work and pronounced it a Coot which opens a whole new realm of possiblities for a birthday cake.

The weather here, as in most of the country is miserable cold. Not out of the realm for Wisconsin but unusual for here and there is no snow. At least when there is snow it covers the ugly. Also by this not being a "cold" area the kids are not allowed outside to play when it's under 20 degrees so the kids are literally bouncing off the walls by the end of the school day. For the record Sonny Boy's preschool cutoff in WI was 0. However I will say I trudged boots, snowpants, hats, gloves etc off to school with him and that was a major pain. Here we don't do that. I'm torn which I prefer. I also think most kids in the area don't have all the gear which is prerequisite for a WI winter and also impossible to find a good selection past October.

Well I suppose that's all for now, I must get my rear in gear and get prepared for the snow storm in a good southern girl fashion, you know you must go to the grocery and stock up on bread and milk before a snow! Regardless if you need them or not - but I do need bread and milk just bad timing, I hope the rush on the grocery store is way south thing and not here.