Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oh Facebook...

Say the above with a disappointed tone.

Some days I get so annoyed with Facebook.  I honestly don't know why I read the drivel but like a bad car accident I scan through the newsfeed a few times a day.  I post occasionally, but unless I can come up with a snide remark on the general human condition or report some happy or big news I don't say much.  The exception is that lately I've been posting a few articles here and there concerning the mess over in Ukraine as several of my FB friends are also fellow adoptive parents that are following the news.

Today though has really gotten my goat.  My news feed is filled with no less than the following:

2 different people angry at another for slights either real or imagined in their lives.  Both are serial drama queens who seem to be stuck living a version of Jr. High.

1 spreading the gospel of essential oils

1 proclaiming how fantastic home school is

3 daily bible verses - one from the book of Mormon

1 update on the newest recipe that happens to be gluten free ( I don't think that many people are medically in need of gluten free)

4 or 5 copy and paste status that start out "With let me see how this turns out.." 

2 recipes ( hasn't anyone heard of pinterest?)

15 southern friends playing in the 1/4 inch of snow in their backyards, wondering if there will be school tomorrow and freaked out over 0 degrees.

Don't get me wrong.  I like seeing that your kid made honor roll, you shot a monster deer and even a couple of your vacation photos.   What I don't like is pushing your agenda (even if I agree with it - I do admit to being guilty sometimes) Relationship drama of any kind. 

I think I need to whittle my friends list.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

School is squashing reading

My eldest son was a rather precocious reader.  Sonny Boy was starting to sound out words before kindergarten, and reading picture books fluently by the end of kindergarten. His early ability translated to a love of the written word and a reading ability well above his age.

First grade brought with it the emergence of the reading log.  This dreaded requirement to read 20 minutes a day and log it down was a pain.  To be honest I didn't push it and simply signed off on it.  Sonny Boy may not read the required 20 minutes on Mon -Thurs but I knew he would more than make up for it when he settled with a book for four hours on Saturday afternoon.  The reading logs through 4th grade were much the same and while I didn't theoretically approve of them it wasn't really an issue and I didn't feel bad when I signed the logs.

Fifth grade has thrown a wrench in the system.  This year the reading logs have become more detailed, not only requiring that he log down how long he read but what he read, which pages and a weekly summary of the material.  This is also signed by yours truly.  This log is turned in the first of the month and is graded on the amount of time he logs.  Needless to say this log is a monthly battle.  Sonny Boy reads well above the required amount of reading time but forcing him to record it takes all the joy out of it.  What was once an enjoyable pass time that mom not only approves of but actually urges him to do has become just another homework chore.

I have seriously thought about telling the teacher to stuff her reading log but of course I can't do that. I fill Sonny Boy with platitudes about buckling down and doing work that you don't really want to do, etc etc but it breaks my heart to watch him put off reading because he will have to remember what  pages he read instead of just enjoying the story.

Reading logs are evil.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Life in the fast lane

Minor annoyances are chipping at my sanity lately.  Not one of them is a big deal in and of its self, but add it all up and I need a good stiff drink at the end of the day.

Monday I busted through Mom's yard in order to give her car a jump. ( doctor said she could drive though I still don't think it's wise, sure is easier on me though). I did this in an effort to save hubby the hassle and keep Mom from calling a tow truck and save her a buck.  I dragged out the jumper cables and handily got her car started -I'm awesome like that.  Mom backed out and went to the auto parts store to purchase a new battery.  I then was handily stuck fast in Mom's yard.  I was spinning all four tires on the truck.  I cussed a little, grabbed a shovel and Sonny Boy and we shoveled the snow out from behind the tires.  Spin.  Stuff some yard debris under tires and spin again.  I let fly a string of expletives and sent to the kids home while I threw a little fit in the truck before going home to leave the mess to Hubby.  Hubby comes home and has the same issues (isn't wasn't my lack of snow experience at least) and had to get a buddy to bring his truck over and give the truck a tug.  It amounted to the fact the truck tires are trash but both Hubby and I have been loathe to part with the several hundred dollars needed to replace them.  I suppose we really do have to get on the ball with this soon though.

Sonny Boy will officially leave Cub Scouts next week.  He will receive the Arrow of Light Award.  It's kind of a big deal, not an Eagle rank honor of course but it is an award he can wear on his uniform forever.  Igor and I will remain behind in the Cub Scout pack.  I hold a couple of leadership positions and frankly I've hit scout burn out.  I'm having a small crisis with what to do for Igor's day camp this year.  Previous years of day camp I have attended with Sonny Boy I was pretty happy with how it was ran.  Last year I attended as a chaperone and was not at all happy with how the camp was run.  This year I'm not sure I want to spend money on it this year, though Igor had fun.  I'm debating sending him to a local Y day camp that has roughly the same activities, smaller group sizes but does not have his scout buddies.

After 20 years of glasses I have made the leap to contact lenses.  So far so good though it is a little unnerving taking them in and out.  My left lens is a toric lens which is proving a little more difficult to adjust to but I think it will get there.  The strange part is how totally naked I feel moving around without my glasses.  Honestly I feel like I've forgotten an important article of clothing.  

Life in a nutshell.