Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pulled the plug

As of last Friday I am officially unemployed.  My crazy mother gave me the most gracious excuse for quitting ever that saved face all around.

As I told before I handed in notice to the director citing the crazy micromanaging behavior of my supervisor.  Director asked me to reconsider and she would discuss with supervisor and it could decide at the end of week if supervisor was trying to be more likeable.  To be fair, supervisor may have been sugar sweet but by now I just couldn't stand to be there anymore and was going to finalize things, however director was out for the day.  I was talking to a co-worker about situation (she was aware previously of my unhappiness) and the crazy behavior of my mother that I had just discovered was waiting 40 minutes early for the kids to get out of school (hubby was getting off work early and said he'd pick them up) bizarre being there that early.  Anyhow mom decided to come to my workplace, pulled into the parking lot, hit the gas instead of the brake, jumped a curbed divider bed in parking lot and sheared a 12 foot tall bush off at the ground.  How she managed not to hit a car or person is a miracle.  Police were called, reports were filed, yada yada.

Citing mom as the reason I was able to make a graceful exit with a good public story, though a few co-workers and director know this is only some of the reason.  The two people who would be in a position there to move into my job have flatly refused. Both with elegant excuses, but I know one is because she doesn't want to work for supervisor.

Either way it's worked out.  Mom is having some bizarre stuff health wise going on and her confusion is growing noticeably worse, even to her.  She has a neurologist appt soon and we will see how that plays out.  Sonny Boy was able to attend an after school activity that he is really thrilled about but couldn't before because I really needed him to walk his little brother home from school.  Igor's violin teacher was happy as his lesson could be moved up to a more reasonable time.  Not to mention Hubby's job called him down to Arkansas unexpectedly today with only a few hours notice to catch a flight.  My stress level has gone from a +10 to a manageable 5 or so.

It's funny I've never had whole days to myself before.  When Igor finally went to kindergarten mom had moved in, when she moved out I was working.  Sure I had my off days during the week but they were spent running errands, and attending doctor appointments with mom.  I almost don't know what to do with myself.  Haha. Not really.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Have you ever stopped to think about how many passwords and pins you have floating around in your head?  No wonder I I have no idea what my husbands phone number is, I have to remember log ins for my phone, the tv, my computer, the iPad, computer at work, the back door, the car door (I don't really know that one) my debit card, eBay, Amazon, and half at least half a dozen other web sites.  It's crazy.  It's gotten to the point that if it requires a password input I will simply avoid that website or chore until I can no longer put it off anymore.  Honestly the fact that my phone has more computing power than Nasa put Neil Armstrong on the moon with cant we get some reasonable form of login that doesn't require seemingly random bits of information be stored in my brain?  God forbid you decide to change email it's a nightmare.

Hence accessing blogger has become problematic for me.  I can access it from the iPad but not from the laptop.  I know user name and I'm even sure I know password but something is whacked and getting to the interface from something with a real keyboard currently is not something that is gonna happen.

Life is happening.  My job basically sucks, my supervisor has sucked any joy I once derived from it.  She is a micromanaging, socially inept, person.  I honestly took my resignation letter into the director on Monday and explained to her that I can no longer work for M.  Director asked
 me to let her talk to M and see if it gets better, if I didn't feel M was giving a good effort at being less abrasive she would consider my resignation turned in on Monday and I would only have one more week to go.  I agreed and director told me that she talked to M and M was honestly surprised that anyone would think she came across as abrupt.  I honestly don't expect a big change, thankfully due to odd scheduling this week I will only work with her on Friday.  I'm not sure if four hours of work on Friday will be enough to judge if she has changed her ways, though it typically doesn't take her that long long to be ugly to me.  -- Just an aside, she is "abrupt" to everyone.  I've had more than a couple of co workers look at me stunned or tell me rather rude things she has said or done to them.  I doubt she can be let go as she has worked there 10 years in a different position, not as a supervisor.  Rumor also has it she is not well liked in her church or her husband's rather public position.--  But you know what really gets me is she doesn't seem to get social niceties.  She will often leave for the day without saying goodbye, up yours, adios amigos etc.  just gather her stuff and leave with me sitting there at my desk 6 feet away.  really?!  Really.  Either way it will improve or it won't.  I'm not going to stress about it anymore.

The kitchen is now functional!!!  Yay!  We still have some trim work to do, I can still see rough framing around the windows and doors but there are cabinets, countertops, a sink, stove etc.  For now we've had to stall finish work in an effort to get other things going that must be done before cold weather - one of those turning the heat back on.  It makes a HUGE difference in the house.  I think I might can like our house again, for a while there I was hoping for a fire when we were out of town.

The boys are running rampant activities but it's fun.  I would like a few days of no activities though.