Tuesday, January 26, 2016

No BIG Complaints

Still pretty calm around here minus the small daily disasters that everyone has.  I stay busy to but have very little to show for it seeming to go round in circles doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, and child shuttling.

Middle school wrestling season ended well with the team winning conference.  Sonny Boy has made vast improvement this year and is a little obsessed with wrestling now.  Currently we are in club season which is more of an individual thing.  This last weekend we went to a tournament on both Saturday and Sunday.  The tournament on Saturday went very well with Sonny Boy placing second with a frustrating tie breaker blip that knocked him out of first (would have been first if the kid had not pinned in the last 15 seconds of his match).  The tournament on Sunday wasn't so good, all of Sonny Boy's opponents were state qualifiers or placed last year.  I must say he held his own against the other boys and avoided getting pinned except at the end of the match.  The second match we called blood match as there were several stoppages for blood both Sonny Boy's and the other kid.  The coaches were full of Rocky references.  Sonny Boy was bummed naturally but bounced and is already scheming on how to talk us into going to two tournaments again next weekend.  (Not sure I'm up to that)

Unfortunately though we are dealing with a lot of 12 year old crazy.  I tell you the kid is either an angel or the devil, sometimes in a 10 minute time frame.  Hormones are bizarre when kicking on, and that plus general boy behavior and beginning of teen stuff.... Drinking heavily becomes more enticing each day.

Igor on the other hand is in a good place (thankfully I can't handle more than one child nuts at a time) He's a lot like an old man just doing his thing.  Currently the school is testing him closely for his vision needs.  As he's moved up in grade the print becomes smaller giving him more difficulty reading and the like.  Accommodations are made and a vision specialist is brought in to make advantageous suggestions to help him out.  The specialist comes in a couple of days a week and works with Igor showing him tricks with computers and equipment to help him function better.  We tend to forget he is visually impaired for the most part, he compensates very well but the school and I want to head off any problems before they become an academic and life issue.

I had another round of Botox a couple of weeks ago.  It helps a fair amount, however it makes my eyebrows droop.  I have epicanthal folds now and look very sleepy-maybe that's what's wrong with Ben Carson?  I'm not amused by how I look -my forehead is really smooth though- but it's glorious not having a constant spasm in my neck.  The Botox doesn't rid me of headaches completely but certainly reduces them.

I suppose I've procrastinated enough on doing anything.  A calm life in motion hopes to stay in motion.


Lin said...

It's good the botox helps with the spasms...who cares if you look sleepy? :)

I can only imagine the reek of that gym with all those boys in there sweating and wrestling. Ugh.

Winnie said...

Tournaments aren't so bad, there's usually enough circulation in the gyms to keep it reasonable. The wrestling room (s) are another story. The one at the middle school has the same smell as 30 year old hamper of dirty gym socks