Wednesday, December 2, 2015

No Drama Momma

I haven't blogged much lately, I guess that's good because I usually turn to writing here when I need a metaphorical screaming session.  I wouldn't say I'm less stressed than normal, just the ups and downs of a daily grind aren't generally entertaining to anyone, including me.

A couple of months ago at Mom's doctor appointment it was time for a colonoscopy.  Both her doctor and I agreed that it should be avoided because frankly she's quite medically fragile.  They did however send her an at home test that checks for blood in the stool (and abnormal DNA I found out later) and of course that came back positive.  Today we go in for a consult to see what the next step is, I assume it will be a colonoscopy but Dr. Google tells me there may be other options but my logical mind thinks might as well do a colonoscopy the first time as if there are any polyps they can rooted out of there right then as opposed to adding another step.  Not sure how Mom will handle anesthesia is my biggest concern as she seems to have a difficult time with stuff like that.  I guess I'll know in a couple of hours.

Thanksgiving turned into Hacksgiving this year.  The weekend before both Hubby and I fell victim to a horrible chest cold.  By Monday a person could hear Hubby's breathing from across the room so he went in to the clinic and was diagnosed with pneumonia.  Nice.  The same day I was simply walking down the hall and I got a pain in my foot.  I thought it was simply a bad toe cramp so I rubbed at it a bit and limped around the rest of the day complaining.  That night when I took off my shoe there was a good sized bruise and swelling on the top of my foot and it still hurt quite moderately even when I had it up.  I went into the clinic and drew the same nurse practitioner that had seen Hubby the day before who X-rayed it and said its not broken, just a bruise.  She was as surprised as I by the X-ray results because it really did look broken.  While I was there she got to experience a nice cough up a lung fit by me and knowing she had treated Hubby the day before gave me antibiotics too.  My foot still hurt of course but at least I knew wasn't doing more damage by hobbling around.  That might the bruise darkened and look like too red/purple lines had been drawn across the base of two toes.  The next day the foot was about half as sore, a day after totally fine with the exception of the bruise which is still there but fading.    I still have no idea what happened to it other than some freak blood vessel rupture as a theory.

With Hubby feeling like death and our coughing rattling through the house every five minutes we postponed Thanksgiving by a day because by then I was starting to get a tad better, Hubby not so much so he went back to the doctor and was told not pneumonia but a really bad case of bronchitis and given another round of drugs.  This finally seems to be doing the trick but both us still have a nasty cough that sounds like we have smoked for 40 years.

Sonny Boy has been busy with wrestling since the beginning of the month.  Just yesterday he managed to make the middle school travel wrestling team.  He's worked hard for it as he had to lose a couple of pounds to make the weight class.  We laid down the law with "cutting weight" though, either was done in a healthy way or he wouldn't wrestle.  So far so good, we've had lots of impromptu nutritional counseling sessions and studied the back of a lot of labels lately and he's learning that he can't constantly eat and maintain his weight.  To be honest he's probably eating way healthier than before because he is aware of what is going into his mouth now.

Igor is plugging away.  He's made a fast friend at school which is great.  He was invited over to play the other day so I drove him out and the family is quite wealthy.  Igor says they live in a mansion and he's not exaggerating by much.  The kid and his mom seem nice though and I'm pretty sure the boy is adopted because he's a rather brown person, his parents are not and the parents are on the older side to have a 9 year old. I think it's a good thing though, nothing like having a bestie who understands exactly where you are coming from.

Well I guess that's my blog post.  Like I said no huge drama for entertainment.  I promise this lull in our lives will end, it always unfortunately does.

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