Friday, January 29, 2016

Not a Natural

Last night the phone rang for Sonny Boy.  This is really kind of a rare phenomenon, he doesn't get too many calls.  On the other end was a boy he knows from both wrestling and scouts inviting him to a sleepover tonight.  I discussed details with his dad and gave permission and handed the phone back to Sonny Boy.  Hubby hearing the other end of the conversation said it was nothing but monosyllables and very brief.  No wonder he doesn't get phone calls.

I wonder though, Hubby and I are not really phone people, I don't chat on the phone with friends or family much at all.  Hubby does occasionally with his mother,and would spend hours on the phone with his chatty father when he was alive, but in reality we are not social phone people.

Is this because of the rise in email /text.  I know often now things that would have required a phone call 15 years ago I'll send a text/email for, particularly when making plans for things such as outings or volunteer business.  I'm wondering if not modeling phone behavior we have stunted him?  It just seems like something a bright 12 year old would do naturally.  I expressed this theory to Hubby who quickly pointed out that Igor gets it, and he does.  Igor has a friend who he talks to every few days on the phone and it's a conversation-albeit a 9 year old boy conversation of goofiness- but a real conversation.

I suppose it's just something that doesn't happen with him naturally, I guess he won't be a salesman when he grows up.  I do think a little more direction in the etiquette department though is necessary.


Anonymous said...

I strongly dislike speaking on the phone. I know how to speak on the phone normally, and I do if I have to, but I'd rather not. I think it's just a trait. It just feels awkward to me. I'd rather speak in person. Or through texting.
He might just need some coaching or he might be like me. If he's like me I'd suggest you get him to make his own doctor's appointments if you phone them to make an appointment. It's practice with minimal commitment. You need to be polite and know what you want to do, but you don't need to create content.
(I'm a millennial... I don't think my issues are due to the time period I grew up in but it's probably a combination of that and my personality. And I'm female just fyi.)

Winnie said...

Some of it is personality, h s not overly social but seems to draw kids to him. Making appointments etc it a good idea, one of those life skill lessons you gotta learn along with laundry and boiling an egg.

Lin said...

It's a "boy thing." My son was like that...and sort of still is...unless he's got something to say. That's okay...I'm sort of like that too.

Lin said...

And did you ever see those people walking in the stores..chatting and chatting with I-don't-know-who forever while they shop?? I always wonder "Who are they talking to? And why?" Maybe it is a cultural thing too. I've noticed certain cultures are far more phone oriented than others.