Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Neverending list

It seems I'll never catch up with my to do list lately.  I don't really think it's because it's so lengthy (though it grows daily) I just have immense sense of inertia I need to overcome to even start it.  Therefore I decided to write a blog post, procrastination at it's best.

Mom called me yesterday and asked me to come over and sort some of her meds.  She was convinced she suddenly had a new med she had never taken before.  She didn't of course, but she had several duplicate bottles of the same med, and a sorting mess.  I sorted stuff out, and laid all her pills out for the next seven days in the pill sorter she has.  I then took her Rx list, insurance cards and debit card and brought them over and set her up for a new thing I found on line.  It's called Pill Pack.  When I showed it to Hubby he was excited enough to start finding out if he could sink our savings into investing in it.  Basically it takes your prescriptions and sets them up in little baggies for the day on a roll.  In Mom's case she'd have three baggies a day with all the meds she needs to take at each time sorted all ready.  It will be fantastic, the bad part is it will take a bit for everything to pan out and end up in the packs due to prescriptions being refilled at different times etc so  I'm doomed to an even more confusing set up for the next month or so but after that it should be way simpler. 

Hubby came home from his business trip to France on Saturday and promptly packed Sonny Boy, Callie (dog) and himself up and left today to go duck hunting.  I'm not overly amused and have made a severe point that I don't think his planned deer hunting trip should occur due to finances.  I made it clear I find it silly that I worry about scrimping and saving on groceries and household stuff so we can live within our means while he schedules hunting trips.  I think he got the message.

Well I guess I should go do something, it's not like finding something is hard.


susie said...

I like the pill sorter...but I never use it.

He went hunting anyway, eh?

Winnie said...

Yeah, I have a pill sorter for myself, it's even pretty but I never use it either. Mom on the other hand has like 10-15 meds several times a day, it's a necessity.

Yeah he went hunting anyway. I should have known I've known I was battling hunting from the first weeks we were dating 20 years ago when he told me "I've never had a girlfriend last through hunting season". I have proclaimed many times my next husband will not hunt or fish.

Lin said...

When is your "hunting" trip away??? ;)

Winnie said...

Lin- I've been asking that question for close to 20 years. I did get a trip a few years ago after raising cane, however it was so much work to leave because everything had to be lined out. You know how it goes when you are the one that runs the ship.