Friday, July 15, 2016

...and longest time between blog posts goes to...

Yeah,  haven't been around lately,  heck in fact I'm poking at my phone in bed hoping ibuprofen kicks in soon cause my back is screaming.

Summer is going well so far.  Busy but no disasters so I can't complain too much.

I've joined the local community band playing percussion at the urging of a fellow middle school band mom. I'm pretty sure I skewed the average age of the band down by ten years.  It's challenging mainly because I haven't played in 25 years, mostly I'm on bass drum and cymbals because my snare skills have all but rotted away.  We have concerts on Friday night through the end of the month with special appearances in a 4th of July parade and a retirement home.

I also got a bed at the community garden,  both hubby and I have been wanting to grow a few tomatoes but had nowhere to do so due to shade.  The boys were so excited they wanted a bed so we got one for them to halve and now have random vegetables growing there.  Honestly I wish there was more room available because I'd like to fill the freezer but it's small and we will probably end up just eating it as fast as it ripens.

Sonny Boy has had a rash of losing and ruining.   First it was retainers in a hotel on a brief trip, then his glasses which I can't even fathom how.  He has also ruined an expensive shirt painting in it and some general assery while with cousins.   I needn't tell you he's grounded but he also is doing way more chores than is typical for him.  Despite being a 13 year old boy,  he's made me proud by volunteering at the garden for work in the very large garden that the produce is donated to the local food pantry.  The little ladies that are in charge give glowing reports on him.  Wish he worked that hard for me.

Igor is busy, he enjoys the garden and gets as excited as I do discovering new shoots, tomatoes and the like.  He is also busy with his friend and a wild neighborhood child that half lives here when he's not shipped to his grandparents for several weeks at a time.  

Hubby is busy with work mostly,  it's been a bit wild of late coupled with an online class he is taking.   Hubby decided to go for his bachelor in management.  There's a learning curve for him and me both since the last time either of us were in school we barely had an email address. (I didn't have one until Sr. Year of college and only then because a teacher required it, I thought it useless)

I suppose that's life.  I'll try to do more writing  instead of the Christmas letter format soon.  More for self than the two people who read this occasionally.

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