Saturday, February 20, 2016

a Little Slice of Life

I sent myself to my room tonight,  too much chest thumping from Sonny Boy in his macho parents know nothing attitude so I went to bed.   Since I'm not exactly enthralled with my book I wandered here to peck out a few lines on my phone.
Remember the slow talking cartoon dog that never lost his cool, wasn't he called droopy dog?  This is my imitation of him.  If a medical person would have come along likely would have been dragged to the ER.  Combine drooping eye brows (I normally do not have a crease in my eye lid) and a face full of novacaine from a cavity being a filled and I start looking like a Picasso painting.

This visitor to my yard came last week.   I wasted quite a bit of my day watching him stalk a squirrel in the same tree.  After hanging around a couple of hours he finally swatted at the squirrel and then flew off.  The squirrel was a  bit rattled looking but no worse for wear.  I was hoping he'd get a good lunch.  I did get the swat on video which was cool, however I'd sadly have to watch Sonny Boy shake his head as operates my electronics for me.  I have no patience with these things and he doesn't even flinch. 

Sonny Boy got a little bloody ay a match a couple of weeks ago.   His coach snapped a much better picture.   This was minor, just a busted lip the week before he had a bloody nose that was a huge mess.  Lots of Rocky references happen,  good thing he finally got around to watch the 1st Rocky  the last couple of months or so.
Igor and Hubby have been fast fishing partners the last few weeks.   Today there was a little local ice fishing derby they fished in.  No winning on fish caught but the guys running it were so impressed with Igor 's ability to fish and Stay
at it all day (the guys were just drinking beer and bull shitting,  Igor was there to fish.  They made him up a special award of most dedicated and he won $30.  He's pretty proud of himself.  It's the perfect award for him because I can't imagine too many nine year old boys that can be that content ice fishing for so long
  I wouldn't be

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Lin said...

Love the fishing story! Good for him....AND he won $30. Whooohooo.

Hate it when the hawks visit the yard. We had a poor squirrel trying to get away from a hawk and he ended up dying under our car. Poor thing. We have a feeder, so the hawks like to come around here in winter.

In the summer, it's the darn herons at the pond. You'd think we lived far from the Chicago suburbs with all of this wildlife.